Tilford Tammas of Bushwave


Producing Record

History of Tilford Tammas of Bushwave

Tilford Tammas of Bushwave was a sable dog, bred by Mr. And Mrs Colin Campbell, and whelped March 2, 1932 in England. He was imported by Mrs. G. H. Edgell in 1932. He plays a minor role - a few tenths of a percent at most - in modern ROM pedigrees. He was Line CHE Part I and Family 4.

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Photographs of Tilford Tammas of Bushwave

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              Redbraes Rollo
         Eng Ch Tawaine of Cameliard
              Grizel of Clerwood
    Arthur of Cameliard
              Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Laddie
         Eng Ch Ashbank Actress
              Ashbank Sheila
Tilford Tammas of Bushwave
              Irvine Ronnie
         Chestnut Rainbow
              Chestnut Lassie
    Eng Ch Tilford Tontine
              Chestnut Rainbow
         Rubislaw Lady Fayre ( = Chestnut Sweet Lady, Collie)
              Rubislaw Keturah

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Producing Record of Tilford Tammas of Bushwave

1. Lady Margot of Sheltieland (sbl b) ex Tilford Tessa of Sheltieland
2. Sheltieland Tillie (sbl b) ex Tilford Tessa of Sheltieland

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