English Family 4

Family 4
Bess F4
  a. Oor Jean
    b. Rubislaw Keturah t
      c. Rubislaw Lady Fayre t (thought in fact to be the Collie, Chestnut Sweet Lady, see 3C)
        d. Eng Ch Tilford Tontine t
          e. U.S. Ch Tilford Tulla s
          [Line BB dog]
          e. Tilford Tartan of Sheltieland s
          [Line BB dog]
          e. Tilford Tammas of Bushwave s
          [Line CHE Part I dog]
          e. Tilford Tessa of Sheltieland s
          e. Eng Ch Tilford Tinette t
          e. Titania of Exford t (Active English branch)
            f. Wonder Child of Houghton Hill t
              g. Wonder of Exford t
                h. U.S. Ch Nicholas of Exford s
                [Line CHE Part III dog]
            f. Bunty of Exford s
              g. Williamanmary s
                h. Eng/Am Ch Catmore Chum t
                [Line CHE Part I dog]
          e. Eng Ch Mary of Camevock s
            f. Extravagance of Exford s
              g. Gaiety of Exford t
                h. Eng Ch Bonfire of Exford t
                  i. U.S. Ch Rocket of Exford t
                  [Line CHE Part III dog]

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