Eng Ch Tilford Tinette


Producing Record

History of Eng ChTilford Tinette

Eng Ch Tilford Tinette was a tricolor bitch, bred by Mr. and Mrs. C. Campbell and whelped March 9, 1929 in England. She is Line CHE and Family 4. Mrs. Dreer of Anahassitt imported her and registered her in the December 1930 AKC Stud Book, but she was sold to Beech Tree and produced the two puppies appearing in modern ROM pedigrees there. She was Line CHE Part I and Family 4.

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Photograph of Eng ChTilford Tinette

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              Chestnut Rainbow
         Redbraes Rollo
              Chestnut Sweet Lady (Collie)
    Eng Ch Gawaine of Cameliard
              Eng Ch Specks of Mountfort
         Grizel of Clerwood
              Golden Lady of Mountfort
Eng Ch Tilford Tinette
              Irvine Ronnie
         Chestnut Rainbow
              Chestnut Lassie
    Eng Ch Tilford Tontine
              (Chestnut Rainbow)
         Rubislaw Lady Fayre (=Chestnut Sweet Lady, Collie)
              (Rubislaw Keturah)

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Producing Record of Eng ChTilford Tinette

1. Beech Tree Tweedledee (d, by Longleigh's Leader)
2. Beech Tree Wendy (b, by Longleigh's Leader)

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