` US Family 3B

U.S. Family 3B

This is a small but distinguished family. Although it has produced only 2 ROMs, both males, those two head up the two surviving male lines in the US today.
Dinah of Sedgemoor t
  1. Bogota Lolita t
    2. Blue Lady of Pocono II bm
      3. Indigo of Pocono bm
        4. Shelt-E-Ain Pirouette t
          5. Nashcrest Rhythm s
            6. A/C Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM s [Line CHE IIc dog]
          5. Shelt-E-Ain Enchanting Lady
            6. Shelt-E-Ain Northern Belle t
              7. Shadow Hill's Merry Belle s
                8. Bellshire Scot Gold Pattern s
                  9. Scotchguard Penny Serenade
                    10. Scotchguard Taffy Miss s
                      11. Pride of Missy Scotchguard s
                        12. BIS Ch Meadows Fire of Bryce-Star-Lit 2CC
                        12. Ch Lencrest's Rebel Rouser s
                        [Line CHE Part I dog, 1969 ASSA BB]
          5. Shelt-E-Ain Lucky Penny s
            6. Ch Shelt-E-Ain Reflection o' Knight ROM t [Line CHE IIb dog]

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