Dinah of Sedgemoor


Producing Record

History of Dinah of Sedgemoor

Dinah of Sedgemoor was a tricolor bitch (registered as white, black and tan) bred by J. Bennett and R. H. Taylor and whelped May 25, 1930 in England. She was imported by Elsie Hydon (Bogota) and registered in the March 1937 AKC Stud Book. She is Line BB and Family 3B (see below).

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Photograph of Dinah of Sedgemoor

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             Eng Ch Specks of Mountfort
        Eng Ch Eltham Park Eureka
             Princess of Mountfort
   Eltham Park Excellent
             Eltham Park Advance
        Eltham Park Emmie
             Farburn Fascination
Dinah of Sedgemoor
             Eng Ch Blaeberry of Clerwood
        Am Ch Downfield Olaf [of Walnut Hall]
             Downfield Ethne
   Downfield Brenda
             Helensdale Sunspeck
        Downfield Peggy
             Isleburgh Pansy

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Producing Record of Dinah of Sedgemoor

1. Bogota Lolita(tri b, by Merriott Mackerel of Bogota)

Dinah of Sedgemoor was the maternal granddam of Indigo of Pocono, the great graddam of both Am/Can Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM and Ch Shelt-E-Ain Reflection o'Knight ROM. This led to some interesting problems when Mary van Wagenen began to trace Note's family line, as Dinah traces tail female to an unregistered Fanny who had puppies (including Isleburgh Pansy) in 1925. Fanny seems to have been one of the commonest names for Sheltie bitches at the time, and there are no fewer than three Families headed by unregistered bitches named Fanny. Families 21 and 23 were very short-lived, so our Fanny was shoehorned into Family 3, assumed to be the same Fanny who was a grandmother of a litter whelped in 1916! I suppose it's possible, but it seems extremely unlikely. As a compromise, I refer to the branch of Family 3 coming through Chestnut Lassie as Family 3, to that coming through Lassie's alleged full sister, the Collie Chestnut Sweet Lady, as Family 3C, and the branch coming through Isleburgh Pansy as Family 3B.

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