English Families 3 and 4

These two families as now laid out in the English Charts actually represent 3 distinct (and as far as we know unrelated) families, one of which appears in both Family 3 and in Family 4. The confusion has two sources. First, the Collie, Chestnut Sweet Lady, was bred to Chestnut Rainbow twice, with two different fictitious pedigrees and two different names, Chestnut Sweet Lady (Family 3) and Rubislaw Lady Fayre (Family 4). Since all of Family 4 traces to Rubislaw Lady Fayre, the Chestnut Sweet Lady portion of Family 3, which is shown here as Family 3C, really should be moved into Family 4. Second, when Isleburgh Pansy, the daughter of Fanny (unr) came into the charts, it was assumed that her dam was the same as the Fanny who headed the original Family 3. (I don't know why Family 3 was picked instead of Family 13 or Family 23, both of which also start with unregistered Fannys.) Since Chestnut Queenie, the granddaughter of Fanny (F 3) was whelped in 1916 while Isleburgh Pansy, the daughter of Fanny (unr) was whelped in 1925, the identity of the two Fannys seems very unlikely.
In this compilation, I have kept the designation Family 3 for the original line through Chestnut Lassie and have renamed the part coming through Isleburgh Pansy as Family 3B. The portion of Family 3 coming through Chestnut Sweet Lady has been renamed Family 3C. Family 4 has been left as a separate family.

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