English Family 5

English Family 5 (Active in England and the US.)
Lily t (F5)
  a. Diana t
    b. Aberlady Wendy t
      c. Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Laddie t [Line CHE IV dog]
      c. Helensdale Lassie t (U.S. Part I)
        d. U.S. Ch Sheltieland Thistle bm (Imported in utero, U.S. Part II)
        d. Primhill Rose Bud s (Active English branch)
    b. Aberlady Spotless wht, tri mkgs
      c. Aberlady Dot t
        d. Can Ch Eltham Park Anahassitt t (with US Part I)
        d. Blue Iris of Cameliard bm (Active English branch)

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