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History of Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Laddie

As a general rule, dogs as gifts are not a good idea. But when one of Mr. William Gallagher's business associates gave him a Shetland Sheepdog, the gift was a spectacular success and launched one of the great Sheltie kennels. The dog was Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Laddie, and Laddie, while only moderately important in modern ROM pedigrees, fired his new owner's interest in the breed and led to the founding of Page's Hill.

Laddie was a tricolor dog, bred by Mrs. W. Goddard and whelped October 14, 1925 in Scotland. He appears in the January 1931 AKC Stud Book, and had sired several litters in Great Britain before being imported. He was Line CHE and Family 5.

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Photograph of Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Laddie

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Producing Record of Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Laddie

1. Ch Miss Blackie (tri b) ex Ch Sheltieland Thistle
2. Jack o'Page's Hill (sbl d) ex Jean of Anahassitt
3. Lady Rollin o'Page's Hill (sbl b) ex Foldgate Biddy
4. Can Ch Nattie Gallagher o'Page's Hill (sbl b) ex Jean of Anahassitt

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