English Line LJA

(apparently extinct as a male line)

 a. Jake t
  b. Berry t
   c. U.S. Ch Lerwick Rex b&w (1st US Sheltie Ch)
   c. Lerwick Jarl b&w
    d. Clifford Sharper t
     e. Peat (blue but not blue merle)
      f. Moorman of Greyhill t
       g. Can Ch Marbles of Greyhill bm (imported to Canada)
        h. Alford Black Watch b&w
         i. Alford Clansman s
          j. Alford Heatherbloom t [Family 12 bitch] (imported to US from Canada)
          j. Alford Miss Heatherbelle s [Family 12 bitch] (imported to US from Canada)

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