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Can Ch Marbles of Greyhill was a blue merle dog, bred by Miss M. Grey and whelped in England September 8, 1927, He was registered in Canada in 1931. He was one of a group of Shelties and other dogs imported to Canada by Miss Sybil Fincham. According to Maxwell Riddle, Miss Fincham was a mass importer of a dozen breeds, and the Canadian Kennel Club eventually took action against her. But her importations provided the basis for early Shetland Sheepdog pedigrees in Canada, and enter US pedigrees through Alford, Ronas Hill and related kennels.

Marbles was one of the very few imports to North America with neither Teena nor Chestnut Sweet Lady behind him, though he did carry a small Collie, Blue Floss of Houghton Hill. This bitch was from a small working Collie strain coming originally from northern Scotland and thought by their owner to be of Shetland Island stock. (Blue Floss founded English Family 9.) Statements survive from the period, however, that the blue merle color was unknown in the Island Shelties, so at the least Blue Floss probably had Collie crosses behind her to bring in the color. Although Marbles undoubtedly inherited his blue merle gene from Blue Floss, he also has three lines to the early Maltese blue, Peat. He carried black (bi-black) as well, and was behind several early bicolors in Canada. Marbles was Line LJA (Lerwick Jarl) from an unrecognised family steming from the unregistered Bo Peep of Greyhill.

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               Lerwick Jarl
             Clifford Sharper
        Peat (Maltese blue CC winner)
             Braehead's Rena
   Moorman of Greyhill
        Queen Osla
             Pet Fluff
Can Ch Marbles of Greyhill
             Chestnut Rainbow
        Blue Ray of Houghton Hill
             Blue Floss of Houghton Hill (small working Collie)
   Alley Tor of Greyhill
             Pict of Greyhill (by Peat, above)
        Pinnacles of Greyhill
             Farne of Greyhill (granddaughter of Peat)

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Producing Record of Can Ch Marbles of Greyhill

1. Alford Black Watch (blk/wht d, ex Wizbang Godiva)

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