The Oldest Shelties

Sue Ann Bowling

This section is devoted to presentation of Shelties from the early days of the breed. In general, dogs in this section have remote descendants alive today, though not necessarily descendants in direct male or female line. Further, they were bred in Great Britain (including the Shetland Islands) and any descendants did not come through offspring produced in the United States. For the most part they were bred at some time before 1930. Primarily, this section is aimed at providing information about some of the earliest identifiable ancestors of the modern Sheltie.

There are individual pages on:

Inverness Yarrow


Chestnut Rainbow

Around 1922

More will be added.

In addition, I have included some of the registration information from the first few years that Shelties were accepted for registration by the Kennel Club. Registration information for early Shelties who bred on is shown for 1909 through 1929. This section now has its own alphabetical listing. In the near future, I hope to link dogs in the import section to the registrations of their ancestors. Some Stud Book (includes color) entries are also available for 1914-1920 and for 1921-1925.