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Ch Seacliff Special Effects ROM: sable and white dog, bred by J. and C. Kern from Ch Fourwinds Light The Way ROM and Seacliff Limited Edition and whelped May 20, 1988. "Garrett" is the sire of 13 Champions. Line CHE Part IIe, Family 2 Part V.
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Producing Record of Ch Seacliff Special Effects ROM

1. CH Bertlin Top Gun II DA009061 5-92
2. CH Cimmaron Wise Guy DL420412/02 3-94
3. CH Seacliff Orange Creme DL375912/02 11-94
4. AM/CAN CH Dabre's California Connection DL489990/01 3-95
5. CH Primo Simply Irresistable M DL391054/01 3-95
6. CH Mindalyn Third Times A Charm DL489336/06 7-95
7. CH Cosar's Light And Magic Show DL407804/01 9-95
8. CH Mindalyn You Snooze You Lose DL489336/03 11-95
9. CH Redfield Golden Girl DL557713/01 7-97
10. AM/CAN CH Sandcastle Special Fortune DL458042/02 11-97
11. Ch Ourcroft Bestseller
12. A/C Ch Seacliff Prime Time
13. A/C Ch Brownlee Bavada

(Producing record as of August 1999 Gazette courtesy of Bob Miller)

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