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Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM: Blue merle, white and tan dog, bred by Noel Bosse from Ch Banchory Peerless ROM ex Tall Timber Sierra Tango and whelped June 20, 1989. He is predominanty High Born breeding: 50 times High Born for 28% of his pedigree, with only 16% Peter (29 times). Line CHE Part IId and Family 2 Part I. Sire of 23 Champions.

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Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM
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Producing Record of Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM

1. CH Tall Timber Frost My Socks DL357944/04 1-92
2. CH Argyll Dances With Wolves DL343972/03 6-92
3. CH Shadypines Scheherazade DL400674/01 6-93
4. CH Argyll Harlequin In Blue CD DL343972/02 6-94
5. CH Oakdale Crazy For You DL430815/05 11-94
6. CH Karmuns Conversation Piece DL476892/01 2-95
7. CH Skywards Dreams Of Passion DL443392/03 6-95
8. CH Lacycreek Monterey Jack DL431214/03 10-95
9. CH Kensil's Rain Dance DL430559/03 12-95
10. CH Lacycreek Always Amanda DL444138/01 4-96
11. CH Honeyhill Cause For Applause DL430815/03 5-96
12. Ch Chaminade Co Co Chanel
13. Ch Kensil's Not A Cloud in the Sky
14. Ch Somerset's Stars and Stripes
15. Ch Krentel Attention to Detail
16. CH Echo Hill Phantom Bi Night DL429531/02 9-97
17. Ch Act I Don Diego
18. A/C Ch Aramis Bi Barkley
19. Ch Oakdale's Chances Are
20. Ch Oakleaf Arctic Front
21. Ch Kyrie Mystic Rhythm
22. Ch Simmore Black Knight
23. Ch Lacycreek On The Wild Side

(Champion offspring through August 1999 Gazette courtesy of Bob Miller)

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