Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM/ROMC


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History of Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM/ROMC

Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM/ROMC was bred by Rosemary Shrauger from Ch Philidove Heir Presumptive ROM ex Tiree Hall Solo's High-Lite, and acquired as a young dog by Banchory. He was born February 27, 1968. "Banger" eventually went to the Mauldons at Kismet, and continued his show and siring career there. He won the ASSA National Specialty in 1970, after taking Winners Dog and Best of Winners a year earlier. He sired 82 Champions before his death at age 16, including 3 ROM's, a non-Champion ROM sire (Banchory Reflection ROM), and Banchory High Glow, a non-Champion dam of 4 Champions including 1 ROM plus a non-Champion ROM son. IN addition, he sired 17 Canadian Champions. It is not even certain that this record is complete, as he has frozen semen in the bank, and posthumous offspring still in the show ring. He is Line CHE Part IIb and Family 5 Part II.

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Photograph of Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM/ROMC

Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM

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Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM/ROMC
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Producing Record of Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM/ROMC

1. Ch Karelane Royal Flush o' Kismet ROM (D) (ex Kismets Cee Dee Pollyanna)
2. Ch Kismet's Conquistador ROM (D) (ex Cee Dee's Annandale)
3. Ch Philidove Kismet Heir Borne ROM (D) (ex Ch Philidove Carmylie In A Mist)
4. Ch B-B Jo's Born Free (D) (ex Cherden Lady Jane 3-71)
5. Ch Babinette Bold Buckaroo (D) (ex Ch Babinette Babe's Bairn 8-70)
6. Ch Babinette Bronco Billy (D) (ex Babinette Beloved 10-79)
7. Ch Banchory Blue Ballad CD (B) (ex Banchory Zetland Dusky Glow 11-69)
8. Ch Banchory Midnight Shadow CD (D) (ex Banchory Tear Drop 2-73)
9. Ch Banchory Shadowood Sonata (B) (ex Banchory-Four Winds Fling 3-70)
10. Ch Banchory Silver Sonnet (B) (ex Banchory Zetland Dusky Glow 11-69)
11. Ch Brackley Born To Shine (D) (ex Brackley Suzy Sunshine 3-78)
12. Ch Brackley Sunshine On High (B) (ex Brackley Suzy Sunshine 3-78)
13. Ch Cahaba's Carbon Copy (D) (ex Crys-Mis O'Griciel 12-72)
14. Ch Caledon Roydon High Society CD (B) (ex Roydon Caledon's April Snow CD 6-78)
15. Ch Calomi's Earth Angel of Kismet (B) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
16. Ch Cambridge's Corporate Image (D) (ex Ch Banchory Sun Bonnet 2-78)
17. Ch Cambridge Quest (B) (ex Montage Blue Habit 2-80)
18. Ch Cee Dee's Bravo of Ashbrook (D) (ex Cee Dee's Annandale)
19. Ch Century Farms Crescendo (D) (ex Century Farms Country Charm ROM)
20. Ch Century Farms High Roller (D) (ex Century Farms Country Charm ROM)
21. Ch Century Farms High Society (D) (ex Century Farms Country Charm ROM)
22. Ch Checkmates Post The Colors (B) (ex Rebmel Blue Velvet 12-79)
23. Ch Checkmates Say It Again (B) (ex Rebmel Blue Velvet 12-79)
24. Ch Chisterling High Tide (D) (ex Ch Sherrillon Lark O'Wadegate 4-76)
25. Ch Chisterling Smoke Signals (D) (ex Chisterling Silver Song 4-73)
26. Ch Classic's Nimble Nympha CD (B) (ex Classic's Petunia Patches 5-67)
27. Ch Confederate Blue Bayou (B) (Ch Kismets Cee Dee Pollyanna 11-77)
28. Ch Cypress' Blue Buccaneer UD (D) (ex Cypress' Ice Krystal of Kismet 6 72)
29. Ch Esquire's Fair Warning (D) (ex Esquire's Fire-In-Ice Of Kaimish 3-73)
30. Ch Esquire's Silver Sovereign (D) (ex Kensil's Ice Blue Magic 10-70)
31. Ch Fairlight Dust In The Wind (D) (ex Ch Banchory Butterscotch 9-78)
32. Ch Fiesta's Fazzle Dazzle (B) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
33. Ch Flair Pearl of Damalee (B) (ex Flair Lark of Damalee 11-74)
34. Ch Hundi Starshine of Rubi Kymar (B) (ex Kismet's Shenanigan of Kymar 6 72)
35. Ch Indian Creek Night Stalker (D) (ex Horizon Unsinkable Molly B 1-77)
36. Ch Ja-Don's Cee Dee's Robert E Lee (D) (ex Cee Dee's Annandale)
37. Ch Karenwood's Uppercrust (B) (ex Calcurt Silver Heiress 1-73)
38. Ch Kendu's Mr. Chips (D) (ex Gra-John's Merry Sunshine 5-71)
39. Ch Kismet's Alice Blue Gown (B) (ex Roydon Caledon's April Snow 6-78)
40. Ch Kismet's Bangaway (D) (ex Kismet's Blue Velvet 1-77)
41. Ch Kismet's Born To Go Far (B) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
42. Ch Kismet's Cameo O'Garmar (B) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
43. Ch Kismet's Cara Mia (B) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
44. Ch Kismet's Centurion (D) (ex Ch Kismet's Coquette)
45. Ch Kismet's Counterpoint (D) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
46. Ch Kismet's Diana (B) (ex Ch Contender's Amanda 1-75)
47. Ch Kismet's El Cid CD (D) (ex Kismet's Caprice 1-72)
48. Ch Kismet's Enchanting Melody (B) (ex Kismet's Sumalyya 10-69)
49. Ch Kismet's Excalibur of Fiesta (D) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
50. Ch Kismet's Follow Me At Sun-Up (B) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
51. Ch Kismet's High Brow (D) (ex Century Farms Country Charm ROM)
52. Ch Kismet's High Hammock Blue Jay CD (D) (ex Kismet's Happy Talk 12-73)
53. Ch Kismet's High Heather (B) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
54. Ch Kismet's High Point CDX (D) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
55. Ch Kismet's Instigator (D) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
56. Ch Kismet's Keno (D) (ex Ch Kismet's Natalie 9-79)
57. Ch Kismet's Love Is Blue (B) (ex Ch Macdega Over The Rainbow 3-74)
58. Ch Kismet's Most Happy Fella (D) (ex Kismet's Happy Talk 12-73)
59. Ch Kismet's Rough Rider CDX (D) (ex Kismet's Tia Maria 2-71)
60. Ch Kismet's Skye Commander CD (D) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
61. Ch Kismet's Slightly Scarlet (B) (ex Ch Bee Jay's Lady Starlight 10-69)
62. Ch Kismet's Storm Warning (B) (ex Ch Macdega Over The Rainbow 3-74)
63. Ch Kismet's Sundance Kid (D) (ex Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM)
64. Ch Kismet's The Contender CD (D) (ex Ch Kismet's Shangrali 7-66)
65. Ch Kismet's The Heiress (B) (ex Ch Macdega Over The Rainbow 3-74)
66. Ch Kismet's Wind Song At Sun-Up (B) (ex Skyways Apache Blue of Kismet 8-71)
67. Ch Kismet Smash Hit (D) (ex Ch Banchory Color Me Blue 5-71)
68. Ch Marriott A Little Night Music (B) (ex Marriott Believe in Music 3-77)
69. Ch Philidove Benevolent Anthony (D) (ex Ch Philidove Carmylie In A Mist)
70. Ch Rallyround Ultra Violet (B) (ex Banchory Heaven Sent 1-72)
71. Ch Roydon's Apparent Heiress (B) (ex Ch Roydon's Rhapsody In Blue 8-69)
72. Ch Roydon's Ebony Heir (D) (ex Ch Roydon's Rhapsody in Blue 8-69)
73. Ch Roydons The Highwayman (D) (ex Roydon's Bobbin Robin 7-67)
74. Ch September's Criterion (D) (ex Ch Mar Jan's Nifty)
75. Ch September's Hi Time At Catomco (D) (ex Ch Mar Jan's Nifty)
76. Ch September's Showdown (D) [8 Chs] (ex Ch Mar Jan's Nifty)
77. Ch September's Such Charisma (B) (ex Ch Mar Jan's Nifty)
78. Ch Shel-T-Rie Promise of Hei-Star CDX (B) (ex Shel-T-Rie Seed Pearl 10 71)
79. Ch Silver Lining of Karelane (B) (ex Ch Silver Cloud of Karelane 9-71)
80. Ch Vinita High Profit Margin (B) (ex Babinette Beloved 10-79)
81. Ch Willow Wand Blueberry Sundae (B) (ex Willow Wand Blue Brocade 4-73)
82. Ch Windwood's Summer Sunburst (B) (ex Ch Scarlet Oaks Tyra O'Windwood 7-72)
83. Banchory Reflection ROM/ROMC (D) (ex Banchory High Glow)
84. Banchory High Glow (B) (ex Banchory All-A-Glow; dam of 4 Chs including 1 ROM plus 1 non-Champion ROM)

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