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History of Banchory Silver Spotlight ROM

Banchory Silver Spotlight ROM: Blue merle, white and tan dog, bred by C. and D. Harden and C. Machado from A/C Ch Banchory Strike Me Silver ROM ex Banchory A Blue Nun and whelped April 5, 1981. Sire of 10 Champions. Line CHE Part IIb and Family 12 Part III.

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Photograph of Banchory Silver Spotlight ROM

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Producing Record of Banchory Silver Spotlight

1. CH Banchory Starhaven Lil Sweet D117936 10-84
2. CH Banchory Paint Bi Numbers D137398 12-86
3. AM/CAN CH Sienna Catch A Dream D173970 12-86
4. AM/CAN CH Starhaven's King Of The Lights D622049 8-88
5. CH Starhaven's Lil' Walks On Water D556153 9-90
6. CH Banchory Reignbo Romance D392870 7-91
7. CH Starhaven's Image Of Charvan D645088 8-91
8. CH Starhaven's Black Diamond D562969 10-92
9. CH Starhaven's Shahtenia D770950 11-92
10. CH Starhaven's Lights On Fire DL395808/03 11-97

(Production record through November 1997 Gazette courtesy of Bob Miller)

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