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History of Am/Can Ch Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD ROM

Am/Can Ch Cherden Sock it To 'Em ROM ("Pow") was a bifactored and whitefactored tricolor dog with some ticking, whelped November 9, 1968. Although white factored, he sowed little evidence of this gene except in his huge white tail tip, being very plainly marked. The bifactoring also reduced the amount of tan present. He was bred by Dennis and Cheryl Anderson from Ch Diamond's Robert Bruce ROM ex Julaine's Wood Mist o'Cherden. He was later acquired by Banchory Kennels, and became, with Ch Banchory High Born ROM, a pillar of their breeding program. He sired 35 Champions, including 1 ROM. He is in Line CHE Part IIc and Family 2 Part V.

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Producing Record of Am/Can Ch Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD ROM

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33. Ch Sulayman's Jonathon L (D) (ex Karral Windsong of Sulayman 8-77)
34. Ch The Gray Ghost of Carmylie (D) (ex See Sapphire Of Lorel 8-69)
35. Ch Vandell's Little Pow-Der Keg CD (B) (ex Four Winds Duchess O' The Glen 9-73)

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