Sue Ann Bowling passed away November 25, 2014 (her obituary can been seen here). I am maintaining her pages on my server in her memory. To contact me, email me at

Apology and Welcome back to the Sheltie Bloodlines site

It just got too big to manage.

I had something like 700 html and gif files loose in a single directory, and half the time I couldn't find individual files to revise them. And I wanted to expand! So --

Everything is still here, but the file structure has been reorganized into clusters. Unfortunately, this has broken most of the links and bookmarks people have saved to reach individual pages. If you are browsing the site for the first time, no problem; just go to the site entry page.. (You might also let the webmaster of the page that sent you here know that his or her links need updating.) If you have been here before and put in bookmarks or links to favorite pages, most of them won't work any more. This page gives an outline of the new file structure, and how to find things in the site. It will soon have a search engine (repeated on the Shetland Sheepdog Links page) which you can use to find information on a particular dog, kennel name or even breeder.

The site entry page still has the old address, This is the page that lets you choose Shetland Sheepdog information (the major part of the site) or a little Border Collie and all-breed herding information (now Other pages that retain their old addresses are:
Shetland Sheepdog Links (, which is the main directory page for the site and contains a few external links as well,
Sheltie History (,
The Collie crosses (,
Hints on using the site (
Line and Family charts
The 1997 ASSA National Results

Most of the individual information pages are now linked from the Shetland Sheepdog Links page as clusters in their own sub-directories. If you have linked individual dog pages from your own site, the pages in these clusters must be relinked. The new addresses will differ from the old ones only in the insertion of an extra folder name in the address. Thus Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM, is a Register of Merit dog. His old URL was His new URL is These sub-directories, with the main index page for each cluster, are:
Register of Merit Shelties insert ROM (
Imported Shetland Sheepdogs insert Imports (
1996 National Specialty results insert ASSA96 (
Banchory pedigree corrections insert Banchory (
Genetics insert Genetics ( (I hope to expand this one soon.)
Shetland Sheepdog size insert Size (

I am currently collecting information and photographs for three other groups of special Shelties: ASSA Best of Breed winners, Century Club members (100 or more Best o fBreed wins - sorry, US only) and dogs with titles in multiple fields (requirements still evolving, but right now I am thinking of either a Canadian or American Championship combined with performance titles in two fields (counting tracking as separate from obedience), or an ASSA Versatility title, or performance titles in all four possible fields (Obedience, Tracking, Herding and Agility.)

Sue Ann Bowling
Deryini Shelties