Ch Tiny Toby of Walnut Hall


Ch Tiny Toby of Walnut Hall was officially bred by Mr. and Mrs H. W. Nichols, Jr, but at the time of the breeding Betty Whelen (Pocono) was handling Toby's dam, Tiny Leatha of Walnut Hall, and made the breeding to Ch Blue Heritage of Pocono ROM. Betty states in No Greater Love that Toby was one of two rather large tricolor puppies. The other was sold early as a pet, but Toby was a rather unattracive puppy with low ears, and nobody wanted to buy him. Then his growth rate slowed, and at four months his ears came up. He stopped growing at 15 inches. He was whelped August 17, 1958 and won Best of Breed at the 1960 ASSA National Specialty. He is Line CHE Part IIb and Family 2 Part II

Toby is behind modern pedigrees through:


			Ch Shelt-E-Ain Black Knight
		Ch Shelt-A-Ain Reflection o'Knight ROM
			Shelt-E-Ain Lucky Penny
	Ch Blue Heritage of Pocono ROM
			Ch Larkspur's Finalist of Pocono 
		Ch Larkspur's Replica of Pocono ROM
			Abendruhe Carolynann's Pixie
Ch Tiny Toby of Walnut Hall
			Lanacost of Exford
		Golden Web of Houghford
			Satin of Exford
	Tiny Leatha of Walnut Hall
			Ch Tiny Rob of Walnut Hall
		Tiny Leelee of Walnut Hall
			Tiny Lee of Walnut Hall


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