Golden Web of Houghford


Producing Record

History of Golden Web of Houghford

Golden Web of Houghford was bred by Miss F. M. Geddes (Houghford, which generally combined Houghton Hill and Exford lines) in England. He was a sable dog, whelped October 26, 1953. He was imported by Walnut Hall, and his US Registration appears in the June 1955 Stud Book.

He is probably second to Am/Can Ch Rocket of Exford in terms of the influence of postwar imports, but that influence is still minor. Like Rocket, he carries a great deal of Eng Ch Uam Var of Houghton Hill in his pedigree. He is Line BB and Family 2.

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Photograph of Golden Web of Houghford

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              Eng Ch Riverhill Redcoat
         Eng Ch Riverhill Rikki
              Eng Ch Riverhill Rugosa
    Lanacost of Exford
              Riverhill Rival
         Eng Ch Butterfly of Exford
Golden Web of Houghford
              Cobwol of Houghton Hill
         Weaver of Exford
              Loom of Houghton Hill
    Satin of Exford
              Eng Ch Delwood Terence
         Carefree of Exford
              Hopeful of Exford

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Producing Record of Golden Web of Houghford

1. Ch Classic's Kingly Khan (tri d) ex Ch Brandell's Butterfly
2. Tiny Leatha of Walnut Hall (tri b) ex Tiny Leelee of Walnut Hall
Both appear behind a small number of modern ROM pedigrees, and several other Classic and Walnut Hall offspring of Golden Web bred on.

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