A brief gallery of winning British and American Shelties, to give an idea of how the types compare. Sonja Perklen supplied the photographs of British Shelties, most of which were taken from ringside at British shows. At this point, the American Shelties are mostly from the ROM file. Click on the small photos below to obtain more information on individual dogs.

Note that these particular Shelties were selected mostly because Sonja or I had the photos and they represent a range of types, colors and sexes. More photos of Best in show, group winners, ASSA winners and especially ROM Shelties are always welcome.

PageEng Ch Jazzman of Janetstown (British dog) 
 Ch Rockwoods Gold Strike ROM (US dog)Page
Melcette Sweet Cider (British dog) 
 Ch SumerSong Winter Shadows (US dog)Page
C'urC'in Love Bug (British dog) 
 Ch Ilemist Impossible Dream CDX ROM(US dog)Page
Eng Ch Seavall Sheen (British bitch) 
 Ch Sir Joshua of Winslow ROM (US dog)Page
Felthorn Magpie (British dog) 
 Ch Barwoods Rhapsody ROM (US bitch)Page
Eng Ch Dippermoor Diester (British dog) 
 Ch Karelane Royal Flush o'Kismet ROM (US dog)Page
Eng Ch Marnham the Joker (British dog) 
 Shylove's Rockwoods Show Off CD ROM (US bitch)Page
Eng Ch Londells Petoski (British dog) 
 Ch Naripa Etudes Lochnan Ballad ROM (US bitch)Page
Eng Ch Witch's Frost of Lyndene at Benravia (British dog) 
 Ch Rockwoods Talk To Me ROM (US bitch)
Eng Ch Faybars Mai Tai with Mohnesee (British bitch) 
Eng Ch Deloraine China Doll (British bitch)