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Am/Can Ch Sir Joshua of Winslow ROM was a sable dog, bred by S and G. Ernst and whelped June 6, 1978. He was by Ch Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM ex Trefoil Dazzling Rose, a bitch tracing largely to Sea Isle (Note/Kiltie) lines, but with no Peter or Fair Play. "Josh" sired 30 Champions, including 1 Register of Merit sire. He was shown through 1989, amassing 177 Best of Breeds, 80 Group placements, and 2 all-breed and 15 Specialty Best in Show awards. He is Line CHE Part IIf and Family 5 Part II.

His owner, Rose Chandless, wrote:

"Josh was a very playful and mischieveous sheltie. He would chase the ball day and night without stopping if permitted. His tongue would be hanging to the ground and he would still sprint off in the direction of the latest toss and return with the sloppy ball dropped at your feet for another go. One time we counted over 30 straight passes without a break with him still ready for the next - I quit because my arm was hurting.

"He would often play "hide 'n seek" with my children. They would hide somewhere in the house ( a rambling ll-room garrison) and I would send Josh off to find them. He would race from room to room searching behind table, sofa, bed with a sense of urgency and bark wildly when he found his pals. This was indeed one of his favorite games.

"On occasion Josh would let himself out of his run (he was a magician at that - could open a latch in less than 60 seconds using nose and paw) and take a stroll around the neighorhood. When I noticed him gone, I would send my son, Jim, out on his 10-speed bike around the block calling for Josh. Josh would always appear from behind some hedge and then with wild enthusiasm race Jim on his bike back to the house. [He was] a game competitor in everything he did.

"On one particularly memorable occasion, I had left Josh in his crate at the setup a distance from the ring and went to show the puppy dog in the ring. Josh managed to open his crate. You can imagine my embarrasment when in the middle of my gaiting the puppy, Josh appeared at my side just striding along as if to show the pup how it was done. The judge commented to Josh, "It is not yet your turn, son. Be patient, we'll get to you". In a show of over l,000 dogs, Josh found us with evidently no problem. I don't think Josh ever even thought of running off or escaping. He simply did not lilke me to leave him and perferred to have things his way."

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