Foldgate Biddy


Producing Record

History of Foldgate Biddy

Foldgate Biddy was a sable bitch, bred by Mrs. E. M. Harrnshaw and whelped June 26, 1929 in England. She was imported by Mr. William Gallagher (Page's Hill) and her US registration appears in the July 1931 AKC Stud Book. While she has a minor influence on today's lines overall, she provided the tail female line for Ch Larkspur's Replica of Pocono ROM. She is Family 12 Part II and Line CHE Part I.

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Photograph of Foldgate Biddy

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              Chestnut Rainbow
         Redbraes Rollo
              Chestnut Sweet Lady (Collie)
    Eng Ch Gawaine of Cameliard
              Eng Ch Specks of Mountfort
         Grizel of Clerwood
              Golden Lady of Mountfort
Foldgate Biddy
              Rufus of Mountfort
         Eng Ch Specks of Mountfort
              KoKo (Teena daughter)
    Pam of Stradsett
              Eng Ch Nettle of Mountfort
         Nan of Mountfort (later imported to Canada)

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Producing Record of Foldgate Biddy

1. Lady Rollin o'Page's Hill (sbl b) by Eng Am Ch Helensdale Laddie

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