Eng/Am Ch Catmore Chum


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History of Eng/Am Ch Catmore Chum

Eng/Am Ch Catmore Chum was a tricolor dog, bred by Mrs. J. Dobson in England and whelped May 1, 1936. He was owned by Col. B. Russell, and as Hitler's Germany became increasingly a threat, Col. Russell decided to send his Shelties to the United States, primarily for their own safety. Chum's American registration appeared in the AKC Stud Book in January of 1940. He is prominant in modern pedigrees through two of his great-grandsons: Am/Can Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM and Ch Shelt-E-Ain Reflection o'Knight ROM. Chum was line CHE Part I and Family 4.

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Photograph of Eng/Am Ch Catmore Chum

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              Eng Ch Gawaine of Cameliard
         Arthur of Cameliard
              Eng Ch Ashbank Actress
    Nipper of Catmore
              The Rajah of Mousa
         California Dot
              Gill of Glenholme
Eng/Am Ch Catmore Chum
              Helensdale Emerald
         Santoi of Mousa
              Lady Igraine of Cameliard
              Eng Ch Moneyspinner of Exford
         Bunty of Exford
              Titania of Exford

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Producing Record of Eng/AmCh Catmore Chum

1. Captivator Bruce (sbl d) ex Edith of Captivator
2. Sea Isle Farmerette of Kiloh (tri b) ex Sheltieland Merrie o'Sea Isle
3. Sea Isle Fascination of Kiloh (sbl b) ex Sheltieland Merrie o'Sea Isle
4. Shelt-E-Ain Pirouette (tri b) ex Indigo of Pocono
All of these offspring of Chum appear in modern ROM pedigrees, but the last, Shelt-E-Ain Pirouette, was the most important. She became the grandmother of 2 ROM sires: Am/Can Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM and Ch Shelt-E Ain Reflection o'Knight ROM.

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