Denty Lad


Producing Record

History of Denty Lad

Denty Lad was a white, black and tan (probably tricolored rather than predominantly white) dog, imported in utero by Sheltieland and whelped April 23, 1934. He was actually registered by Edward O. Paden. He is behind modern ROM pedigrees in a minor but pervasive way, primarily through Timberidge/Pocono on the east coast and Bil-Bo-Dot Geronimo in the west. He was Line CHE Part I and Family 1.

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Photograph of Denty Lad

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              Eng Ch Gawaine of Cameliard
         Arthur of Cameliard
              Eng Ch Ashbank Actress
    Eng Ch Tilford Tay
              Chestnut Rainbow
         Eng Ch Tilford Tontine
              Rubislaw Lady Fayre (=Chestnut Sweet Lady, Collie)
Denty Lad
              Tilford Blue Beau (by Montlethen Blue Prince, Collie)
         Peabody Silver Prince
              Peabody Patience
    Peabody Palmetta
              Am Ch Downfield Olaf [of Walnut Hall]
         Peabody Palma
              Eltham Park Estelle

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Producing Record of Denty Lad

1. Noble Blackbird (tri b) ex Ch Sheltieland Thistle
2. Ch Pastel o' the Picts (bm b) ex Kinnersly Blue Morn of Sheltieland

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