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Producing Record

History of Ch Sheltieland Thistle

Ch Sheltieland Thistle was the first blue merle whelped in the United States, though she was bred in the British Isles. Her dam, Helensdale Lassie, was bred to Montlethen Blue Prince by Mrs. James G. Saunders, and the puppy was whelped in the US November 9, 1928. Catherine Coleman (Sheltieland) registered her in this country. Thistle was nominally Line BB and Family 5 Part II.

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Photograph of Ch Sheltieland Thistle

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         Bobby Dazzler
              Lady Newpark
    Montlethen Blue Prince
              Reg of Mountfort
         Lady Newpark
              New Park Flossie
Ch Sheltieland Thistle
              Chestnut Rainbow
         Chestnut Bud
              Chestnut Sweet Lady (Collie)
    Helensdale Lassie
         Aberlady Wendy

The pedigree above is the "offical" one, reflecting registrations. In fact, Montlethen Blue Prince was a blue merle Collie with a good show record. The fact that many of the dogs eventually credited to Montlethen Blue Prince were originally registered as by Prince(unr) well after Montlethen Blue Prince was registered leads me to suspect that the Collie, Prince, may have been given the registration of a Sheltie.

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Producing Record of Ch Sheltieland Thistle

1. Ch Miss Blackie (tri b) by Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Laddie
2. Noble Blackbird (tri b) by Denty Lad
3. Noble Navy Blue (bm d) by Nutkin of Houghton Hill
4. Parkswood Patience (tri b) by Am/Can Ch Piccolo o'Page's Hill

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