Peabody Palmetta


Producing Record

History of Peabody Palmetta

Peabody Palmetta was a sable bitch, bred by Miss E. Peabody Montgomery and whelped January 12, 1933, in England. She was imported, in whelp to Eng Ch Tilford Tay, by Sheltieland Kennels in the spring of 1934. She was Line BB (Montlethen Blue Prince) and Family 1.

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Photograph of Peabody Palmetta

Peabody Palmetta; Sheltieland Ket in the background
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              Montlethen Blue Prince (Collie)
         Tilford Blue Beau
              Quendale Princess
    Peabody Silver Prince
              Eng Ch Eltham Park Eureka
         Peabody Patience
              Eltham Park Estelle
Peabody Palmetta
              Eng Ch Blaeberry of Clerwood
         Am Ch Downfield Olaf of Walnut Hall
              Downfield Ethne
    Peabody Palma
              Eltham Park Erling
         Eltham Park Estelle
              Eltham Park Emmie

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Producing Record of Peabody Palmetta

1. Sheltieland Nutmeg (tri b) by Nutkin of Houghton Hill
2. Denty Lad (tri d, in utero import) by Eng Ch Tilford Tay
3. Sheltieland Little Tay (sbl d, in utero import) by Eng Ch Tilford Tay

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