Ch Tilford Tulla


Producing Record

History of Tilford Tulla

Tilford Tulla was a sable dog, bred by Mr. And Mrs. Colin Campbell and whelped April 5, 1930 in England. He was imported by Mrs. Dreer of Anahassitt in 1931. He plays a very minor role in modern pedigrees. Tulla was Line BB and Family 4.

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Photograph of Tilford Tulla

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              Eltham Park Evolution (Collie cross)
         Blinx of Clerwood
              Chestnut Blossom
    Eng Ch Euan of Clerwood
              Eng Ch Blaeberry of Clerwood
         Elspeth of Clerwood
              Downfield Ethne
Tilford Tulla
              Irvine Ronnie
         Chestnut Rainbow
              Chestnut Lassie
    Eng Ch Tilford Tontine
              Chestnut Rainbow
         Rubislaw Lady Fayre ( = Chestnut Sweet Lady, Collie)
              Rubislaw Keturah

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Producing Record of Tilford Tulla

1. Helga of Bagaduce (sbl b) ex Astrid of Bagaduce

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