(Main current line in England; essentially extinct in US)

This is the English root of the BB sire line, showing sire to son descent of all Shelties of the BB line imported to the US and appearing behind ROM Shelties. All dogs in the lineage are males, though some lines terminate with bitches imported to the US or Canada. Note that while Montlethen Blue Prince is still considered officially to be in the BB line, it is generally acknowledged that he was a Collie.

Butcher Boy s (foundation sire of line BB, pedigree unknown)
  a. Wallace s
    b. Peter s
      c. Tarn s
        d. Misty of Greyhill s (imported to US)
    b. Rip of Mountfort s
      c. Forward s (ex Printfield Bess, a daughter of the Collie Teena)
        d. Eltham Park Erling t
          e. Eng/Am Ch Eltham Park Esme s
          [Family 1 bitch] (imported to US)
          e. Eltham Park Esric
            f. Eltham Park Bluette of Far Sea bm
            [Family 1 bitch] (imported to US)
        d. US Ch Farburn Captain s (imported to US)
        d. Farburn Marshal s
          e. Helensdale Emerald s
            f. U.S. Ch Helensdale Marigold of Walnut Hall s
            [Family 2 bitch] (imported to US)
            f. Eng/Am Ch Rob Roy o' Page's Hill s (imported to US)
              g. Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Forget Me Not s
              [Family 12 bitch] (imported to US)
              g. Helensdale Rob Roy s
                h. U. S. Ch Helensdale Myrtle t
                [Family 12 bitch] (imported to US)
          e. U.S. Ch Helensdale Sapphire s
          [Family 4 bitch] (imported to US)
    b. War Baby of Mountfort s (ex Collie, Teena)
      c. Eng Ch Nettle of Mountfort s
        d. Nan of Mountfort
        [Family 12 bitch] (imported to Canada)
      c. Rufus of Mountfort s
        d. Eng Ch Specks of Mountfort s
          e. Eng Ch Eltham Park Eureka s (imported to US but unregisterable here)
            f. Can Ch Eltham Park Anahassitt t
            [Family 5 bitch] (imported to US)
            f. Eltham Park Eurekason s
              g. Eltham Park Ensor of Far Sea s
            f. Eltham Park Evolution s or bm? (Collie cross)
              g. Blinx of Clerwood (t, one blue eye, some question on paternity)
                h. Eng Ch Euan of Clerwood s
                  i. US Ch Bodachan of Clerwood s (imported to US)
                  i. Tilford Tartan of Sheltieland s (imported to US)
                    j. Eng/Am Ch Eltham Park Elyned of Far Sea s
                    [Family 2 bitch] (imported to US)
                  i. Tilford Tessa of Sheltieland s
                  [Family 4 bitch] (imported to US)
                  i. U.S. Ch Tilford Tulla s (imported to US)
                h. Harvey s
                  i. Mac of Aberlour s
                    j. Geordie of Aberlour s (oversize, Collie cross suspected)
                      k. Eng Ch Nicky of Aberlour s
                        l. Eng Ch Riverhill Redcoat s
                          m. Ensign of Oastwood s (active English line)
                          m. Eng Ch Riverhill Rikki s
                            n. Lanacost of Exford s
                              o. Golden Web of Houghford s (imported to US)
                  i. Sandy of Aberlour s (primary active English line)
                    j.U.S. Ch Helensdale Pamela of Walnut Hall s
                    [Family 10 bitch] (imported to US)
            f. Eltham Park Excellent
              g. Dinah of Sedgemoor t
              [Family 3B bitch] (imported to US)
            f. Farburn Don
              g. Farburn Ellaline s
              [Family 2 bitch] (imported to US)
            f. Eng Ch Max of Clerwood s (imported to US)
              g. Eltham Park Eclat of Far Sea s
              [Family 1 bitch] (imported to US)
              g. Mordred of Cameliard t
                h. Sheik of Mousa s
                  i. Eng Ch Kinnersley Gold Dust s
                    j. Fydell Startler t
                      k. Eng Ch Fydell Roundup s
                        l. Fydell Nigel
                          m. Welldalecote Gain s (imported to US)
                        l. Swingalong From Shiel s
                        [Family 13 bitch] (Imported to US)
                      k. Eng Ch Helensdale Bhan s
                        l. Eng Ch Helensdale Ace s
                          m. Eng Ch Alasdair of Tintobank s (active English line)
                          m. Hallinwood Skylon s (imported to Canada)
                          m. Eng Ch Hazelhead Gay Wanderer s (active English line)
                          m. Helensdale Lanna s
                          [Family 1 bitch] (imported to US)
                          m. Ch Helensdale Windrush s (imported to US)
          e.Wizbang Godiva
          [Family 12 bitch] (to Canada)
      c. (Chinkie)
        d. (Bobbie Dazzler)
          e. Montlethen Blue Prince bm (Collie)
            f. Kilravock Blue Cloud bm
              g. Kinnersley Blue Boy
                h. U.S. Ch Toonie Bridget of Crawleyridge t
                [Family 9 bitch] (imported to US)
              g. Kinnersley Blue Morn of Sheltieland bm
              [Family 7A bitch] (imported to US)
            f. U.S. Ch Sheltieland Thistle bm
            [Family 5 bitch] (imported in utero to US)
            f. Tilford Blue Beau bm
              g. Peabody Silver Prince bm
                h. Peabody Palmetta s
                [Family 1 bitch] (imported to US)
                h. Peabody Silver Phantasy bm
                [Family 3C bitch] (imported to US)

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