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History of Am/Can Ch Rorralore-Sportin' Chance CD ROM

Am/Can Ch Rorralore-Sportin' Chance ROM was a sable dog, bred by Charlotte McGowan and N. Bcomhower (that's the way it reads in the Stud Book) and whelped January 4, 1977. He was sired by Ch Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM ex Jeanie of Mary Dell. As a young dog he was not impressive, and sent some time as a pet. Charlotte Clem McGowan (Rorralore) bought him back as an adult, and showed him heavily at Specialties. He won the ASSA National in 1984. He won a total of 122 Best of Breeds, 28 of these being at specialties. He sired 19 Champions, including 1 ROM sire. He is Line CHE Part IIf and Family 12 Part I.

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Photograph of Am/Can Ch Rorralore-Sportin' Chance ROM

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Producing Record of Am/Can Ch Rorralore Sportin' Chance ROM

1. Ch Rockwoods Gold Strike ROM (D) (ex Ch Rockwoods Sweet Charity 9-78)
2. Ch Aylmere Dixieland Jazz (B) (ex Romayne's Love Option 1-81)
3. Ch Beltane All That Jazz (B) (ex Ch Beltane Raelene 5-80)
4. Ch Beltane Color Me Pretty (B) (ex Ch Beltane Raelene 5-80)
5. Ch Beltane Notable (D) (ex Ch Beltane Raelene 5-80)
6. Ch Birch Hollow Flags Aflyin' (D) (ex Ch Birch Hollow Once Upon A Time 11 86)
7. Ch Brandymen's Crimson King (D) (ex Brandymen's Precious and Few 5-81)
8. Ch Havic's Traces Of Love (B) (ex Romayne's Love Option 1-81)
9. Ch Karral's Favorite Son (D) (ex Ch Karral Favorite Times)
10. Ch Kashmir Heaven Sent (B) (ex Sal-Dalys Autumn Dawn 7-85)
11. Ch Kimbadon Seabreeze (B) (ex Ch Kimbadon's Summer Breeze CD 6-86)
12. Ch Mau-Land Chance for Glory (B) (ex Sunnybrook's Glory Bee CD 7-81)
13. Ch Merri Lon The Head Coach (D) (ex Ch Windhover Zelda's Song)
14. Ch Romayne's Chance O'Life (D) (ex Ch Romayne's Sportin' Chance 11-78)
15. Ch Rorralore Rejoice (B) (ex Rorralore Regret 4-80)
16. Ch Rorralore Star Envoy (D) (ex Ch Rorralore Star Echo 1-80)
17. Ch September Storyteller (D) (ex September Willow Wand Wench 12-79)
18. Ch Sooner's Hear The Melody (B) (ex Ch Naripa Etudes Lochnan Ballad ROM)
19. Ch Stoneridge Peppermint Patty (B) (Ch Stoneridge Lisa in Lace CD 8-84)

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