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History of Ch Frigate's Emblem of Astolat ROM

Ch Frigate's Emblem of Astolat ROM was the sire of 13 Champions, including 1 ROM. "Embie" was a sable and white, bred by Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Hubbard, whelped July 6, 1947 and purchased at 6 months of age by Don Combee, who owned him throughout his show career. He was a top show dog, with 101 Best of Breed wins and 26 group placements. His sire was Ch Frigate of Faunbrook and his dam was the prodominantly white Astolat Snow Flurry. He is Line CHE Part IIa and Family 6

Note that his dam was deliberately bred to be white. The original source of the white is uncertain, as the only import appearing behind all of the necessarily white factored dogs in the pedigree is Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield. I would be very interested in hearing whether anyone knows the true color of Dark Hazard o'Page's Hill (Ch Mowgli ROM x Ch Miss Blackie), the maternal granddam of Altair Mischiefmaker and Altair Alpha of Arken, as she was registered as white, black and tan.

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Photograph of Ch Frigate's Emblem of Astolat ROM

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               Ch Mowgli ROM
          China Clipper o'Page's Hill ROM
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     Ch Frigate of Faunbrook CD
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Ch Frigate's Emblem of Astolat ROM
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     Astolat Snow Flurry (white, black and tan markings)
               Astolat Apollo
          Astolat Snow White (white, black and tan markings)
               Astolat Lady Harlequin (white, black and tan markings)

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Producing Record of Ch Frigate's Emblem of Astolat ROM

1. Ch Astolat Future Emblem ROM (D) (ex Astolat Emblem of Hope)
2. Ch Astolat Emblem's Libby (B) (ex Ch Lady Libby)
3. Ch Astolat Emblem's Onyx (B) (ex Ch Lady Libby)
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5. Ch Astolat Emblem of Merit UD (D) (ex Ch Lady Libby)
6. Ch Astolat Golden Symbol (D) (ex Astolat Marigold)
7. Ch Astolat Good Luck (D) (ex Astolat Emblem of Hope)
8. Ch Feracres Daisy Mae (B) (ex Ch Pocono Carefree of Sea Isle 4-44)
9. Ch Gold Farthing O'Faunbrook (B) (ex Ch Gold Sixpence O' Faunbrook CD 3-46)
10. Ch Lingard Dark Elegance CD (B) (ex Albelarm Our Candidate CDX)
11. Ch Roc-Sycamore's Little Honey (B) (ex Harline's Babsie 4-49)
12. Ch Sally Girl (B) (ex Tantalizing Sue of Feracres 5-49)
13. Ch Wansor's Dusky Lassie CD (B) (ex Park-Cliffe Gay Golden Lady 10-56)

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