US Line CHE Part IIa

Ch Downfield Olaf of Walnut Hall s was imported, but comes into modern US pedigrees only through offspring sired in England.

Ch Wee Laird o' Downfield s (imported. n.b. This is the active US line.)
  1. Anahassitt April Lady ROM s
  [Family 2 Part III bitch]
  1. Anahassitt Atalanta ROM s
  [Family 2 Parts IV and V bitch]
  1. Jock of Walnut Hall s
    2. Tiny Penny of Walnut Hall ROM s
    [Family 2 Part II bitch]
    2. Ch Tiny Margurite of Walnut Hall s
    [Family 6 bitch, 1940 ASSA BOB]
  1. A/C Ch Piccolo o' Page's Hill t
    2. Lady Diana of Rowcliffe ROM t
    [Family 5 Part I bitch]
  1. Ch Mowgli ROM s
    2. China Clipper o' Page's Hill ROM s
      3. Ch Frigate of Faunbrook CD s
        4. Ch Frigate's Emblem of Astolat ROM s
          5. Ch Astolat Future Emblem ROM s
            6. Ch Chisterling Florian ROM s
          5. Ch Astolat Good Luck s
            6. Ch Gilmanor Sugar Daddy s
              7. Ch Gra-John's Little Tim Tam ROM s
              [Family 5 Part II bitch]
      3. A/C Ch Lord Lovell o'Page's Hill
        4. Alford Adorable
        [Family 12 Part I bitch, imported from Canada]
    2. Ch Cock o'the North o'Page's HIll s
      3. Ch Pixie Dell Little Gamin s (1945 ASSA BB)
        4. River Guard o'Page's Hill
          5. Ch Dark Stream o'Page's Hill t (1958 ASSA BB)
            6. Ch Pixie Dell Royal Blue bm (1961 ASSA BB]
        4. Ch Sea Isle Peter Pan s (1950 ASSA BB)
    2. Ch Kim o' Page's Hill s (questionable, may have had a Collie sire)
      3. Ch Windrush o'Page's Hill (1943 ASSA BOB)
      3. Ch Mountaineer o' Page's Hill ROM s
        4. Ch Confection o'the Picts s (ASSA BB 1947)
        [Family 2 Part V bitch]
        4. Ch Sheltieland Shasta Geronimo ROM s
        [Family 2 Part V bitch]
      3. Musketeer o' Page's Hill s
        4. Ch Musket o' Page's Hill ROM s
          5 Ch Ald-Abeth Flintlock s (1951 ASSA BB)
          5 Bandmaster o'Page's Hill s
            6. Ch Golden Sequin of Lillegard s
            [Family 2 Part IV bitch, 1953 ASSA BB]
          5. Ch Pixie Dell Firebrand s
            6. Ch Chisterling Falkirks Flame ROM s
            [Family 6 bitch]
          5 Ch Pixie Dell Theme Song s
          [Family 2 Part III bitch, 1952 ASSA BB]
          5. Robin Hood of Kenloch s
            6. Ch Sheltilore Diablo t
              7. Apple Acres Baron of Kelshan t
                8. Ch Cando's Winter Wonderland A/C CD s (Alaskan)
                8. Ch Little Arctic Whirlwind s (Alaskan)
                [Family 2 Part II bitch]
              7. Ch Kawartha's Mr Alpha s
                8. Ch Westwood's King of Hearts s
                  9. Ch Westwood Prince Jody s
                    10. Marisu's Jewel of Arrowhead ROM s
                    [Family 12 Part II bitch]
              7. A/C Ch Mori-Brook Country Squire bm (1959 ASSA BB)
                8. A/C Ch Laurolyn's Patti o'M-J bm
                [Family 6 bitch, 1964 ASSA BB]
              7. CH Mori-Brook's Calico bm
                8. BIS Ch Mori-Brook's Icecapade CD CC bm
          5. Ch Va-Gore's Bright Promise ROM s
          [Family 2 Part III bitch]
    2. Ch Kalandar Prince o' Page's Hill s
      3. Ch Colonel Sandy of Mar-Nor-Wil s
        4. Captain Peach the Skipper s
          5. Grayson's Runaway Chum s
            6. Ch Grayson's Range Rider s
              7. Ch Teaberry Lane's Little Pecos s
                8.Ch Kawartha's Sabrina Fair ROMs
                [Family 6 bitch]
                8. Ch Lindhurst Comanchero s
                  9. Glenelm's Comanche Brave s
                    10. A/C Ch Cee Dee's Squire CD CC s
      3. Ch Prince George o'Page's Hill ROM s (to Part IIc)
      3. Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM s (to Part IIb)
    2. Ch Leif The Lucky o' Page's Hill s
      3. Bagaduce Bronze o' Timberidge s
        4. Timberidge Tricolor t
          5. Ch Noralee Autumn Gold s
          [Family 2 Part IV bitch, 1949 ASSA BB]
          5. Ch Noralee Bronze Nugget s
            6. Ch Noralee Forecaster s
              7. Ch Elf Dale Viking ROM CC s
                8. Ch Elf Dale Golden Legacy s
                  9. Ch Dan-Dee's Portrait In Gold ROM s
                  [Family 4 bitch]
    2. Ch Lady Precious o'Page's Hill s
    [Family 6 bitch, BB 1937 National]
    2. Pandora o' Page's Hill s
    [Family 6 bitch]
    2. Ch Ronalee Norseman s
      3. Musicmaster o' Page's Hill s
        4. Ch Creole Babe o' Page's Hill t
        [Family 2 Part III bitch, 1948 ASSA BB]
        4. Ch Songstress o' Page's Hill ROM s
        [Family Part III bitch]
    2. Ch Sheltieland Laird o'Page's Hill (ASSA BOB 1938) s
    2. Ch Will o'the Mill o'Page's Hill (ASSA BOB 1941)

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