Register of Merit Sires, A's

Am/Can Ch Alfenloch Ryan o'Neill ROM (Ch Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM x Can Ch Alfenloch Brooke Shields). Sable/white, 2/21/85. 38 Champions including 2 ROMs. Inbreeding Coefficient 54%.

Am/Can Ch Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM (Am/Can Ch Alfenloch Ryan O'Neill ROM x Am/Can Ch Alfenloch Tatum O'Neil). Tricolor, 6/28/87. 14 Champions. Inbreeding coefficient 62%.

Ch Andale A Sportin Venture ROM (Ch Romayne's Sportin Life ROM x Andale Highland Fling). Sable/white, 6/2/82. 19 Champions including 1 ROM. Inbreeding coefficient 36%.

Ch Ashwood Slight of Hand CD ROM (Ch Ashwood Son of a Witch x Ch Shelmar Silver Lace o'Malpsh HC). Tricolor, 2/25/1988. 10 Champions.

Ch Astolat Future Emblem ROM (Ch Frigate's Emblem of Astolat ROM x Astolat Emblem of Hope). Sable/white, 10/26/52. 13 Champions including 1 ROM. Inbreeding coefficient 43%

A/C Ch Astolat Galaxy CD ROM (Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM x Ch Astolat Stardust) Sable/white, 8/9/70. 10 Champions. Inbreeding coefficient 23%.

Ch Autumn Oak's Someday Soon ROM (Ch Sunnybrook's Image Maker ROM x Mainstay Magic's In the Wind) Sable.white, 4/8/90, 13 Champions. Inbreeding coefficient 40%.

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