ROM Dams, P-R

Pris ROM (Ch Sea Isle Serenade ROM x Sea Isle Dusky Belle). 5 Champions. Sable/white, 12/21/62.

Regalia Gleneagle Keepsake ROM (Ch Karral Good Times ROM x Jade Mist Regalia Cinderglo). Sable/Wite, 8/10/82, 5 Champions.

Ch Richmore Repeat Performance ROM (A/C Ch Geronimo Son Rey A/M CD x Can Ch Willow-Acres Patty). 5 Champions. Sable/white, 2/3/60.

Ch Rockwoods Talk To Me ROM (Ch Valdawn's Talk of the Towne x Meadow Ridge Rockwood It's Me). 5 Champions. Sable/white, 3/9/72.

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