Can Ch Willow-Acres Patty


Producing Record

History of Can Ch Willow-Acres Patty

Can Ch Willow-Acres Patty was a sable bitch bred by Mr. & Mrs. R. D. Smuck and whelped June 14, 1954 in Canada. She was imported by Mrs. F. B. Cleveland (Geronimo) and her US registration appears in the October 1957 Stud Book. She was Line BB and Family 12 Part I.

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Photograph of Can Ch Willow-Acres Patty

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              Eng Ch Helensdale Bhan
         Eng Ch Helesdale Ace
              Helensdale Gentle Lady
    Hallinwood Skylon (from England
              Eng Ch Helensdale Bhan
         Hallinwood Elegance
              Hallinwood Duchess
Can Ch Willow-Acres Patty (from Canada)
              Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM
         Ch Geronimo Crown Prince ROM
              Ch Sheltieland Shasta Geronimo
    Minonamee Eugenie
              Can Ch Alford Wee MacGregor
         Alford Jay Jay's Lassie
              Alford Miss Black Watch

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Producing Record of Can Ch Willow-Acres Patty

1. Ch Richmore Repeat Performance ROM (sbl b) by Am/Can Ch Geronimo Son Rey A/Mex CD
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