ROM Dams, S's

Shadow Hill's Opening Nights ROM (Shadow Hill's Dr Pepper x Shadow Hill's Last Chance). 5 Champions. Black/white, 12/18/85.

Ch Sheltieland Shasta Geronimo ROM (Ch Mountaineer o'Page's Hill ROM x Sea Isle Nancy). 6 Champions including 1 ROM. Sable/white, 2/22/44.

Ch Shulale Miss Muffet's Tuffet ROM (Ch Mac's Sir Thomas x Ch Shu La-Le Little Miss Muffet). 6 Champions including 1 ROM. Sable/white, 10/1/74.

Ch Shu-La-Le's Sweet Charity ROM (A/C Ch Hatfield Sultan of Lorel x Sea Isle Singing Sands). 6 Champions. Sable/white, 4/10/66

Shylove's Rockwood Show Off CD ROM (Ch Whipporwil's Grand Master x Shylove's Tinker Bell). 6 Champions. Sable/white, 4/18/76.

Simmore Sensational Success ROM (Ch Trelane Simmore Sensation x Scotspride Simmore Joy). 5 Champions. Sable/White, 6/11/81.

Ch Songstress o'Page's Hill ROM (Musicmaster o'Page's Hill x Madame Pompadour o'Page's Hill). 5 Champions. Sable/white, 5/21/46.

Ch Stylish Miss of Hatfield ROM (Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM x Ch Bonnie Lass of Hatfield). 7 Champions. Sable/white, 6/10/57.

Sunebank Winter Holiday ROM (Ch Banchory Deep Purple ROM x Banchory Don't Pass Me Bi). 5 Champions. Bi-blue, 2/14/82.

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