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Ch Sheltieland Shasta Geronimo ROM was a sable and white, whelped February 22, 1944, by Ch Mountaineer o'Page's Hill ROM ex Sea Isle Nancy. She was bred by Mrs. Cleveland (Geronimo Kennels in California), and sold to Catherine Coleman (Sheltieland) as a puppy. Catherine kept her for one litter, and then decided she was too large (16 1/4 inches) and returned her to Geronimo. Her first Champion was bred by Mrs. Cleveland, the sire being Sea Isle Dappled Grey, a blue merle. The result was Ch Geronimo Little June UD, a sable bitch and one of the first Ch-UD Shelties.

In the late 40's Shasta returned to the east coast, this time leased to Timberidge-Noralee, where she was bred to Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM. The litter, whelped in June of 1949, produced three Champions: Ch Timberidge Topaz, Ch Timberidge Amber, and Ch Geronimo Lend Lease. Shasta remained on the east coast for over a year, and was bred to Temptation again before being returned to Mrs. Cleveland.

This second Temptation litter, whelped in August 1950, included Ch Geronimo Crown Prince ROM and Ch Geronimo Guardsman o'Noralee, a 14 inch dog of outstanding quality and temperament. The latter died from distemper at around 2 years of age, but he still sired 5 Champions. Had he lived, he would almost certainly have been an ROM like his litter brother. The litter also included a non-Champion who bred on: Geronimo Prince Charming. Total: 6 Champions, including a Register of Merit sire. Ch Sheltieland Shasta Geronimo ROM is in Line CHE Part IIa and Family 2 Part V.

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Photograph of Ch Sheltieland Shasta Geronimo ROM

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Production Record of Ch Sheltieland Shasta Geronimo ROM

1. Ch Geronimo Crown Prince ROM (D) (by Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM)
2. Ch Geronimo Guardsman O'Noralee (D) [5] (by Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM)
3. Ch Geronimo Lend Lease (B) (by Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM)
4. Ch Geronimo Little June UD (B) (by Sea Isle Dappled Grey)
5. Ch Timberidge Amber (B) (by Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM)
6. Ch Timberidge Topaz (B) (by Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM)

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