Correcting Banchory Pedigrees

For the most part, correcting Banchory pedigrees affected by the reregistrations is straightforward. Of the cancelled dogs, all but one can simply be replaced wherever they appear. The cancelled dogs and correct names are:

Banchory Turtle Dove: replace by Banchory Nightingale.
Banchory White Iceing: replace by Horizon White Ice.
Banchory Belissima: replace by Banchory Ballerina.
Banchory Theme Song: replace by Banchory-Three Oaks Theme.

No further correction is needed behind these four, as they were registered as their own full sisters. The remaining three primary bitches were reregistered with invented dogs behind them, so their own pedigrees must be corrected:

Banchory Iris Blue: replace by Banchory Excaliber Ecstasy.
Banchory Orchid Blue: replace by Banchory Excaliber Elite.
Banchory Natalie Cole: replace by Catomco-Banchory Diana Ross.

Within the pedigrees of these three,

Banchory Act Three: replace by Excaliber Turn Em' On.

Banchory The Blues Queen is the most complex, as she was an invented stand in for two different littermates. If she appears in the pedigree as the dam of Banchory Act Three or Excaliber Turn Em' On, she should be replaced by Banchory Blue Velvet. If she appears in the pedigree as the dam of

Banchory Natalie Cole or Catomco-Banchory Diana Ross, she should be replaced by Ch Banchory Billie Holiday.

(Banchory Blue Velvet and Ch Banchroy Billie Holiday were actually littermates; Banchory The Blues Queen was invented and registered with a blue slip from that litter.)

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