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History of Ch Bodachan of Clerwood

Ch Bodachan of Clerwood was a sable dog, bred by Miss M. C. Tod in England, whelped June 18, 1930 in England. He was registered in the US by Mrs. William F. Dreer, appearing in the November 1931 Stud Book.

He sired at least 8 litters, and has eleven offspring (Including one Champion, one ROM and a sire of 9 Champions) appearing behind modern ROM Shelties. He is line BB and Family 3C on paper, though there are two questionable links to Butcher Boy. The first is the breeding of Blinx of Clerwood, a tricolor with one blue eye. His dam, Chestnut Blossom, was bred to Eltham Park Evolution, a dog who was acknowledged to have a Collie great grandsire, Eltham Park Blue Sol, on his dam's side, as well as being sired by Eng Ch Eltham Park Eureka. Dr. Tod wrote that she had doubts that Evolution actually sired the litter, and wondered if her Eng Ch Blaeberry of Clerwood (Chestnut Blossom's son) could have been the sire. The second is the breeding of Evolution himself, as it was widely thought at the time that the cross with Blue Sol appeared much closer in the pedigree. If Blue Sol sired Evolution, this would have introduced a brand new line.

It would be an interesting if potentially embarassing experiment to test this. Male lines can in theory be traced using DNA on the Y chromosome, though I am not certain of the sensitivity of present techniques. English Champions currently include tail male descendants of both Blinx of Clerwood and another Eureka son, Eng Ch Max of Clerwood. Tail male descendants of three of the four Chestnut cross males are also still alive - English CHE lines come from Nut of Houghton Hill, while American lines, though primarily from Chestnut Lucky Boy, still include dogs tracing to Redbraes Rollo. It would be interesting to check whether the Y chromosomes are more similar in the supposedly related lines.

Bodachan comes into modern lines most heavily through Ch Sheltieland Kiltie o'Sea Isle, who was deliberately linebred on Bodachan.

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Photographs of Ch Bodachan of Clerwood


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              Eltham Park Evolution (Collie cross)
         Blinx of Clerwood (one blue eye)
              Chestnut Blossom (Collie cross)
    Eng Ch Euan of Clerwood
              Eng Ch Blaeberry of Clerwood
         Elspeth of Clerwood
              Downfield Ethne
Ch Bodachan of Clerwood
              Eng Ch Blaeberry of Clerwood
         Am Ch Downfield Olaf [of Walnut Hall], later imported
              Downfield Ethne
    Bracken of Clerwood
              Seton Baldur
         Betsey of Clerwood
              Chestnut Blossom (Collie cross)
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Producing Record of Ch Bodachan of Clerwood

1. Ch Ariadne of Anahassitt (sbl b) ex Ch Ashbank Fairy
2. Keep Goin' ROM (tri b) ex Glenisla Elegance
3. Astolat Adonis (sbl d) ex Ch Anahassitt Aphrodite
4. Ch Autumn Leaf of Pocono (sbl b) ex Ch Syncopating Sue of Anahassitt
5. Bodachan's Son of Anahassitt (sbl d) ex Longleigh's Honey o'the Hills
6. Linda of Anahassitt (sbl b) ex Singing Sally of Anahassitt
7. Melchior of Anahassitt (sbl d, 9 Chs) ex Ch Ashbank Fairy
8. Pocono Pirate (tri d) ex Ch Syncopating Sue of Anahassitt
9. Sheltieland Golden Fleece (sbl d) ex Lynette
10. Sunny Girl of Anahassitt (sbl b) ex Ch Anahassitt Animation
11. Wee Tibbie of Bagaduce (sbl b) ex Lynette
All of the above are behind modern ROM pedigrees.

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