Merriott Mackerel of Bogota


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History of Merriott Mackerel of Bogota

Merriott Mackerel of Bogota was a blue merle dog, bred by Mrs. R. E. Wroughton and whelped February 19, 1936. He was imported by Elsie G. Hydon (Bogota) and registered in the March 1937 AKC Stud Book. He is Line CHE Part III and Family 8.

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Photograph of Merriott Mackerel of Bogota

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             Nut of Houghton Hill
        Nutkin of Houghton Hill
             Toddles of Houghton Hill
   Wren of Wyndora
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Merriott Mackerel of Bogota
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   Blue Bird of Dunwich
             Eng Ch Uam Var of Houghton Hill
        Little Maid of Houghton Hill
             Ballet Girl of Houghton Hill

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Producing Record of Merriott Mackerel of Bogota

1. Ardland Aster (bm b, ex Ardland Arlene)
2. Betty Lou of Gnilwoc (tri b, ex Quicksilver of Pocono)
3. Bogota Lolita (tri b, ex Dinah of Sedgemoor)

All are behind ROM Shelties, but probably the most important is Bogota Lolita. This bitch was the maternal granddam of Indigo of Pocono, the great graddam of both Am/Can Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM and Ch Shelt-E-Ain Reflection o'Knight ROM.

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