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History of Eltham Park Anahassitt

Eltham Park Anahassitt was one of the first two Shelties purchased for Anahassitt, but both registrations were cancelled because of the declared cross behind Teena. Anahassitt was a tricolor bitch, and there is a good deal of controversy about her. Her official import pedigree has her whelped August 1, 1926, by Eng Ch Eltham Park Eureka out of Eltham Park Emmie, with E. C. Pierce as her breeder. The combination is impossible, as Emmie had a litter by Eltham Park Erling June 1 of the same year. Apparently her true breeders were the Allans, who said that her dam was Aberlady Dot (as given here) and her birthdate was October 16, 1926. This puts her in Line BB and Family 5.
Althouugh Anahassitt herself could never be registered, Harkness Edwards managed to register her offspring. Her great granddaughter, Dark Lady of Pocono, whent to Canada where she produced Coltness Camola and Coltness Colored Boy, both of whom appear in modern ROM pedigrees. through the imports Rosslyn's Replica and Hilmar's Bubblin' Over (both through Willow-Acres Camoflage).

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Producing Record of Eltham Park Anahassitt

1. Anahassitt Alexandria (tri b) by Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield

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