Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield


Producing Record

History of Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield

Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield was purchased for Anahassitt Kennels by J. Nate Levine, then the Anahassitt kennel manager, and his registration appears in the July 1929 AKC Stud Book. He was a sable and white, bred by Mrs. J. C. Ramsay and whelped June 16, 1928. Although he belonged to Anahassitt, he was widely used, and he is probably the most important single dog behind the modern Shetland Sheepdog in the United States. Page's Hill in particular was founded on this dog, and the foundation bitch at Pocono, Ch Syncopating Sue of Anahassitt, was out of one of his daughters, Anahassitt Atalanta ROM. He makes up over a quarter of the pedigree of almost any modern American Sheltie. The first ROM sire, Ch Mowgli ROM, was by the Wee Laird, as were the first two ROM dams. The Wee Laird is in Line CHE and Family 2.

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Photograph of Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield

(If you're thinking he looks more like a tricolor in this particular photo, I agree. He was, however, registered as a sable and appears more sable in other photographs.)

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               Chestnut Rainbow
          Chestnut Lucky Boy
               Chestnut Sweet Lady (Collie)
     Eng Ch Blaeberry of Clerwood
               Chestnut Rainbow
          Chestnut Blossom
               Chestnut Sweet Lady (Collie)
Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield
          Ashbank Glitter (suspected Collie or Collie cross)
     Downfield Ethne
               Ronnie of Mountfort (3 times Teena)
          Ashbank Jean
               Farburn Victrix

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Producing Record

Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield sired 17 litters from which came 5 Champions (including 1 ROM) and 2 non-Champion ROM dams. He is tail male to virtually all modern American Shetland Sheepdogs, generally contributing just over 25% to the total pedigree. Some of his offspring (I don't guarantee the list is complete) behind ROM Shelties are:

1. Ch Ace of Anahassitt (d) ex Ch Ariadne of Anahassitt
2. Ch Adorable of Anahassitt (b) ex Natalie of Clerwood
3. Ch Alice of Anahassitt (b) ex Ch Ariadne of Anahassitt
4. Ch Mowgli ROM (d) ex Jean of Anahassitt
5. Am/Can Ch Piccolo o'Page's Hill (d) ex Jean of Anahassitt
6. Anahassitt April Lady ROM (b) ex Ch Askbank Fairy
7. Anahassitt Atalanta ROM (b) ex Ch Ashbank Fairy
8. Amber o'the Hills (sbl b) ex Black Eyed Susan
9. Anahassitt Alexandria (tri b) ex Eltham Park Anahassitt
9. Anahassit's Ane Wee Laird (sbl d) ex Ch Alice of Anahassitt
10. Jean of Anahassitt (sbl b) ex Ch Downfield Grethe
11. Jock of Walnut Hall (sbl d) ex Natalie of Clerwood
12. Lovely Jean of Add-A-Bit (sbl b) ex Farburn Ellaline
13. Natalie o'Page's Hill (b) ex Natalie of Clerwood
14. Patty (sbl b) ex Ch Downfield Grethe
15. Saruh (sbl d) ex Natalie of Clerwood
16. Sheltieland Lairdson (sbl d) ex Farburn Ellaline
17. Topaz o'the Hills (sbl b) ex Amber o'thee Hills
18. Wee MacGregor of Anahassitt (sbl d) ex Ch Downfield Grethe

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