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History of Nan of Mountfort

Nan of Mountfort was a sable bitch, bred by Miss Gregg and whelped February 28, 1923 in England. She was one of a consignment of dogs imported by Miss Sybil Fincham in 1930. She is Line BB and Family 12, and in fact is the source of Family 12 in this country, being tail female to both Foldgate Biddy  (Family 12 Part II) and Lynette  (Family 12 Part III),  as well as to Part II through Ch Helensdale Myrtle  and E/A Ch Helensdale Forget-Me-Not.  She also appears behind numerous other imports via her English offspring. Her Canadian progeny are only a small fraction of her overall influence on the modern American Sheltie. Her English family is dormant, but produced the tricolor dog Fydell Startler, the grandsire of Eng Ch Helensdale Ace.

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Photograph of Nan of Mountfort

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        War Baby of Mountfort
             Teena (small Collie)
   Eng Ch Nettle of Mountfort
        Christmas Box of Mountfort
             Lady of Mountfort
Nan of Mountfort
             Eng Ch Woodvold
        Clifford Model
             Burravoe Rex (unregistered son of Lassodie Willie Winkie)
        Princess Nandi of Kilravock
             Letterston Fanny

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Producing Record of Nan of Mountfort

1. Alford Brilliant (sbl d, by Wizbang Easter Hero)
1. Ronnie of Mountfort (sbl d, by Eng Ch Specks of Mountfort)
2. Eltham Park Elise (sbl b, by Eng Ch Specks of Mountfort)
3. Pam of Stradsett (b, by Eng Ch Specks of Mountfort)
4. Sable Naneen (b, by Nip, imported to Canada with her dam)
5. Wizbang Godiva (b, by Eng Ch Specks of Mountfort, imported to Canada)
All 6 of these dogs appear in the pedigrees of Imports to the United States that appear behind ROM Shelties.

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