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History of Nutkin of Houghton Hill

Nutkin of Houghton Hill was a tricolor dog according to those who saw him, though he was registered as a sable and produced sable offspring from tricolor and blue merle mates. He was bred by Mrs. E. Baker of Houghton Hill, and whelped June 11, 1930. As a young puppy Mrs. Baker thought he might be a blue merle. He matured as a tricolor, though an oddly colored one, with very pale tan, a light undercoat, and an overall dusty look. This appearance was described to me in a letter from Felicity Rogers of Riverhill Kennels, and confirmed by Mary van Wagenen. His sire was a tricolor and his dam is in the English genealogy charts (which show Nutkin as a tri) as a blue merle by a blue merle out of a tri.

He had quality enough to win a CC in 1932 in spite of his color. He was imported by Catherine Coleman for her Sheltieland Kennels, and his US registration appears in the July 1934 AKC Stud Book. While he does not play a major role in modern ROM pedigrees, he is worthy of note as the sire of Parkswood Little Symphony, Mary van Wagenen's first Sheltie. Little Symphony, bred to Grey Mist of Pocono, produced both Ch Sea Isle Merle Legacy, the sire of Ch Larkspur of Pocono CDX ROM, and Sea Isle Dappled Grey, sire of Ch Geronimo Little June UD, Ch Geronimo Little Gremlin, and Ch Kinswood Citation ROM.

Nutkin was Line CHE Part III and Family 7A.

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Photograph of Nutkin of Houghton Hill

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Producing Record of Nutkin of Houghton Hill

1. Noble Navy Blue (bm d) ex Ch Sheltieland Thistle
2. Parkswood Dark Enchantress (tri b) ex Parkswood Patience
3. Parkswood Little Symphony (tri b) ex Parkswood Patience
4. Parkswood Sincerity (sbl b) ex Parkswood Dark Enchantress
5. Sheltieland Nutmeg (tri b) ex Peabody Palmetta
All of the above are behind modern ROM pedigrees

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