Swingalong from Shiel


Producing Record

History of Swingalong from Shiel

Swingalong from Shiel was a sable and white bitch, bred by Margaret Osborne (England) and whelped June 2, 1950. She was imported by Catherine Black. and registered in the AKC Studbook September 1953. She is tail female to the ASSA BB winner Ch Reveille's Reflection of Sheldon. She is Line BB and Family 13.

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Photograph of Swingalong from Shiel

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			Eng Ch Kinnersly Gold Dust
		Fydell Startler
			Helensdale Fydell
	Eng Ch Fydell Roundup
			Eng Ch Nicky of Aberlour
		Wendy of Aberlour
			Winnie of Aberlour
Swingalong from Shiel
			Eng Ch Fydell Roundup
		Veeantro Valstag
			Helensdale Aviatrix
	Sandgirl from Shiel
			Sandy of Kinslady
		Wyndford Beauty
			Laura of Kinslady

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Producing Record of Swingalong from Shiel

Swingalong From Shiel produced at least one daughter who bred on, in the tricolor Glengyle Masquerade. Masquerade in turn produced Glengyle Charmer, dam of

  1. Ch Glengyle Blacksmith
  2. Gil-Beth's Change of Luck (who traces to Ch Glengyle Winter Wonderland)
  3. Glengyle Cara Mia, tail female via her daughter Glengyle Gold Dust to A/C Ch Reveille's Reflection of Sheldon, the 1973 ASSA Best of Breed.
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