Ch Geronimo Crown Prince ROM


Producing Record


Ch Geronimo Crown Prince ROM was a sable, bred by Geronimo Kennels and whelped August 25, 1950. Both of his parents were Register of Merit Shelties from opposite sides of the country: Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM and Ch Sheltieland Shasta Geronimo ROM. He sired 13 Champions and one non Champion ROM: Timberidge Crown Jewel ROM, the foundation bitch for Browne Acres Kennels. He is Line CHE Part IIb and Family 2 Part V.

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Photograph of Ch Geronimo Crown Prince

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Production Record of Ch Geronimo Crown Prince ROM

1. Ch Badgerton Impersonator (B) (ex A/C Ch Badgerton Flirt A/C UD)
2. Ch Elf Dale Little Doll (B) (ex Ch Elf Dale Adorable Doll)
3. Ch Elmwood's Tom Thumb (D) (ex Timberidge Goldie of Elmwood 4-48)
4. Ch Fairy Prince of Candy Lane (D) (ex Ch Sugar Fairy of Candy Lane 10-60)
5. Ch Geronimo Diamond Jubilee CD (B) (ex Ch Geronimo Diamond Lil)
6. Ch Geronimo Highland Bruce (D) (ex Ch Geronimo Diamond Lil)
7. Ch Geronimo Little-Hi-Lite (D) [7] (ex Timberidge Black Aster)
8. Ch Geronimo Rex (D) (ex Mountain Star)
9. Ch Geronimo Son Rey A/Mex CD (D) [5] (ex Mountain Star)
10. Ch Golden Prince of Timberidge (D) (ex Timberidge Red Clover 6-52)
11. Ch Pemaquid's Merran (B) (ex Pemaquid's Dawtie Megan 8-51)
12. Ch Sea Crags Urchin of Geronimo (D) (ex Ch Geronimo Little Starlight)
13. Ch Shady Lodge Crown Princess (B) (ex Harline's Peggy of Faunbrook)
14. Timberidge Crown Jewel ROM (B) (ex Ch Timberidge Gold Standard)

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