Ch Merrymaker of Pocono CD ROM


Champion offspring


Ch Merrymaker of Pocono CD ROM was bred by Elizabeth Whelen. He was whelped October 10, 1935, by Betty's imported Ch Peabody Pan out of her foundation bitch, Ch Syncopating Sue of Anahassitt. His dam's milk failed to come, and "Cricket," as he was called, was wet-nursed by a Scottie bitch. He was the only survivor of the litter. He was a trifactored sable and white, 13" tall. Betty's description in her book, No Greater Love, describes him as "...a very heavy coated shaded sable with great head quality and lovely eyes and ears. I know he was a little cow-hocked and had a poor bite, being a bit overshot, but he was a very attractive little dog and from the beginning sired outstanding Shelties." He sired 25 Champions, and was the first ROM to sire an ROM. He is Line CHE Part I and Family 2 Part IV.

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               Peabody Paul
          Peabody Paulet
               Strathpeffer Pixie
     Ch Peabody Pan (imported by Pocono)
               US Ch Downfield Olaf of Walnut Hall (imported)
          Peabody Plume
               Eltham Park Estelle
Ch Merrymaker of Pocono CD ROM
               Eng Ch Uam Var of Houghton Hill
          Ch Dancing Master of Anahassitt (imported)
               Ballet Girl of Houghton Hill
     Ch Syncopating Sue of Anahassitt
               Ch Wee Laird O'Downfield (imported)
          Anahassitt Atalanta ROM
               Ch Ashbank Fairy (imported)

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Champions Produced

1. Ch Merry Meddler of Pocono CDX ROM (D) (ex Ch Merry Memory of Pocono)
2. Ch Adoration (B) (ex Sheltieland Tillie)
3. Ch Altair Ann of Pocono (B) (ex Altair of Arken)
4. Ch Beach Cliff's Mischief CD (D) (ex Dark Elegance of Pocono)
5. Ch Black Witch of Pocono (B) (ex Merry Mischief of Pocono 12-36)
6. Ch Blaeberry Jean (B) (ex Ch Alice of Anahassitt)
7. Ch Bogota Silhouette (B) (ex Parkswood Sincerity)
8. Ch Faunbrook Fairy of Pocono (B) (ex Poetess O' Page's Hill)
9. Ch Genairn Gay Laird (D) (ex Laurelridge Gay Feather CD)
10. Ch Genairn Gay Teddybear (D) (ex Laurelridge Gay Feather CD)
11. Ch Kiloh Son of Merrymaker (D) (ex Kiloh Dancer)
12. Ch Meadow Ridge Golden Dawn CD (B) (ex Helga of Bagaduce)
13. Ch Merry Maid of Anahassitt (B) (ex Sunny Girl of Anahassitt)
14. Ch Mischief Maker of Pocono (B) (ex Merry Mischief of Pocono 12-36)
15. Ch Noralee Black Dougal (D) (ex Ch Kelpie 10-36)
16. Ch Pocono Ginger of Bagaduce (B) (ex Dark Elegance of Pocono)
17. Ch Pocono Merry Lass (B) (ex Anahassitt Auld Lass 9-36)
18. Ch Pocono Pirouette (B) (ex Pandora of Pocono CD)
19. Ch Rockwood Candle Light (B) (ex Ch Rockwood Lady Astolat 3-37)
20. Ch Smokecloud of Pocono (D) (ex Blue Gown of Pocono 3-41)
21. Ch Timberidge Temptress (B) (ex Pandora of Pocono CD; dam of two ROM sires)
22. Ch Tiny Ebony of Walnut Hall (D) (ex Tiny Dinah of Walnut Hall 7-38)
23. Ch Token of Pocono CD (D) (ex Abbotshall Jill 5-41)
24. Ch Victory of Pocono CDX (D) (ex Sunny Girl of Anahassitt)
25. Ch Yankee of Keprell (D) (ex Timberidge Tango of Pocono)

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