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The story of Ch Timberidge Tempation ROM and his litter brother, Ch Prince George o'Page's Hill ROM, could be said to have begun with Betty Whelan's purchase of Ch Adorable of Anahassitt and Artful Dodger of Anahassitt when failing health forced Mrs. Dreer to cut back on her Anahassitt Kennels. When Betty mated the two, one of the puppies was a tricolor piebald (registered as white and black.) This puppy was purchased by Mrs Constance MacMaster, better known to Sheltie people today as Connie Hubbard. Connie had bred white Collies, and wanted to establish a white strain in Shelties. She named the piebald puppy Astolat Lady Harlequin, and bred her to Ch Peabody Pan in 1935. (A later breeding, to Astolat Adonis, produced the predominantly white Astolat Snow White.) A sable and white puppy from this litter, Pandora of Pocono, came back to Betty Whelen.

Betty and Dorothy Foster of Timberidge did a lot of dog swapping in those years, and Pandora was with Dot when she was bred to Ch Merrymaker of Pocono CD ROM to produce the lovely Ch Timberidge Temptress, whelped in 1939. Temptress was bred to Ch Kalandar Prince o'Page's Hill, and the resulting litter, whelped June 9, 1942, included Ch Prince George o'Page's Hill ROM, who went to Page's Hill, and Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM, both sables. Both dogs finished their Championships in 1944.

It is worth pointing out that up to that time, Betty Whelen was working primarily with a combination of her own Peabody imports, based on combinations of Chestnut cross and Teena cross lines, and descendants of the Anahassitt imports from Houghton Hill lines, heavily based on Nut of Houghton Hill, the "wee one" from the Chestnut cross. While her lines carried Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield and Ch Ashbank Fairy through Anahassitt Atalanta ROM, they had nothing like the inbreeding on the Wee Laird being carried out at Page's Hill. The mating that produced Temptation and his brother represented a crossing of two different strains coming down from the Chestnut collie cross, Page's Hill tightly linebred on the Blaeberry offspring, and Pocono more loosely bred on a broader base. This Page's Hill-Pocono cross produced some of the best at Timberidge, in the best cases combining the head qualities of Page's Hill with the sound body of the Poconos.

Temptation was twice Best of Breed at the ASSA National Specialty, in 1944 under Mary van Wagenen (Sea Isle) and in 1946 under H. Willis Nichols (Walnut Hall.) He sired 32 Champions from 129 living litters, and is probably behind every Sheltie of American bloodlines today. He is the tail male ancestor of Ch Banchory High Born ROM and was the grandsire of Nashcrest Rhythm, the dam of Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM, tail male to Peter and his close relatives. He lived well into his teens, and even as an old dog retained his head quality.

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Photograph of Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM

Ch Timberidge Golden Phantasy on left with her sire, Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM, on right.

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               Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield (imported by Anahassitt)
          Ch Mowgli ROM
               Jean of Anahassitt
     Ch Kalandar Prince o'Page's Hill
               Ch Mowgli ROM
          Pandora o'Page's Hill
               Natalie o'Page's Hill
Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM
               Ch Peabody Pan (imported by Pocono)
          Ch Merrymaker of Pocono ROM
               Ch Syncopating Sue of Anahassitt
     Ch Timberidge Temptress
               Ch Peabody Pan
          Pandora of Pocono
               Astolat Lady Harlequin

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