Ch Timberidge Black Crusader


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History of Ch Timberidge Black Crusader

Ch Timberidge Black Crusader was a tricolor dog, bred by Noralee-Timberidge from Timberidge Black Lancer ex Timberidge Golden Phantasy and whelped April 26, 1951. He sired 9 Champions, mostly for Thistlerose, including the ROM bitch Ch Thistlerose Classic Moderne ROM. He is Line CHE Part I and Family 5 Part II.

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Photograph of Ch Timberidge Black Crusader

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               Ch Bil-Bo-Dot Blue Flag of Pocono ROM
          Ch Royal Blue of Montrose
               Ch Alice Blue of Pocono
     Timberidge Black Lancer
               Timberidge Tricolor
          Timberidge Black Aster
               Blue Aster of Pocono
Ch Timberidge Black Crusader
               Ch Kalandar Prince o'Page's Hill
          Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM
               Ch Timberidge Temptress
     Timberidge Golden Phantasy
               Ch Merrymaker of Pocono CD ROM
          Timberidge Sparkle
               Noble Blackbird
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Producing Record of Ch Timberidge Black Crusader

1. Ch Thistlerose Classic Moderne ROM (B) [7] (ex Hobert's Tawny Lady)
2. Ch Classic's Animated Angel CD (B) (ex Ch Brandell's Butterfly CD)
3. Ch Highland Tiree o' Lochindaal (B) (ex Fleet Madrigal of Hobby Ho 10-59)
4. Ch Randland Bronze Crusader (D) (ex Thistlerose Petite Point 3-59)
5. Ch Thistlerose Bronze Angel (B) (ex Amber Shelly of Honey Creek)
6. Ch Thistlerose Chapel Belle (B) (ex Golden Taffee 1-51)
7. Ch Thistlerose Robbie CD (D) (ex Thistlerose Camorra's Recall 10-55)
8. Ch Thistlerose Showmaster CD (D) (ex Thistlerose Camorra's Recall)
9. Ch Thistlerose Vivacious Vicky (B) (ex Copper Colleen of Honey Creek 9-50)

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