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History of Shamont Ghost of a Chance ROM

Shamont Ghost of a Chance ROM: Homozygous merle dog, bred by L. Sanders from Ch Macdega Proof Positive ROM ex Shamont Touch of Blue and whelped December 2, 1981. Compare this dog's pedigree with that of another double merle ROM, Shadow Hill's Double Trouble ROM. Shamont Ghost of a Chance ROM sired 17 Champions. He is Line CHE Part IId and Family 12 Part II.

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Photograph of Shamont Ghost of a Chance ROM

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             Ch Chenterra Thunderation ROM (tricolor)
      Can Ch Ridgeside Star Wars (blue merle)
            Pixie Dell Indigo Melody (blue merle)
    Ch Macdega Proof Positive ROM (blue merle)
            A/C Ch Banchory Deep Purple ROM (blue merle)
       Banchory A Blue Nun (blue merle)
            Banchory Night Glow (tricolor)
Shamont Ghost of a Chance ROM
            Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM (tricolor)
       Banchory Reflection ROM (sable)
            Banchory High Glow (sable)
    Shamont Touch of Blue (blue merle)
            Ch Chenterra Thunderation ROM (tricolor)
       Shatermir Silver Tassel (blue merle)
            Macdega Blue Portrait (blue merle)

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Producing Record of Shamont Ghost of a Chance ROM

1. CH Ashwood Shadypines Niklaus D241876 6-86
2. AM/CAN CH Macdega Dior D080985 6-86
3. AM/CAN CH Cataway's Fuzzbuster CD D403645 8-87
4. CH Avitar's Bi The Light D575463 9-88
5. CH Windy Run Mystery Bi Chance CD D250019 10-88
6. CH Shamont Moonlight In Moscow D814176 2-90
7. CH Fennecus All A Glitter D390095 9-90
8. CH Kensington Promises To Keep D659277 3-91
9. AM/CAN CH Dwalin Clear Blue Crystal D949919 10-91
10. CH Winsong Tony Tiger Bi Dwalin DL351362/04 2-94
11. CH Penbru Take A Chance D991258 11-94
12. CH Hillandale Rough Draft DL364595/03 5-95
13. CH Waldenwood Half Moon Rising D661580 8-95
14. CH Dwalin Shadows In The Snow DL351362/02
15. CH Shadymist Starmaker DL488819/05 7-97
16. CH Shadymst Strike'Em Out D972047 11-97
17. Ch Dwalin Winsong Jokers Wild

(Producing record through July 1998 Gazette courtesy of Bob Miller)

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