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History of Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM

Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM was a sable dog, bred by Betty and Florence Stadler from Am/Can Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM ex Timberidge Sandstorm and whelped October 26, 1960. He was purchased by Jean M. Cunningham in spite of his size, which was slightly over standard as a young dog. He did settle to under 16 inches, and was then able to finish his Championship.

Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM was for a brief time the top producing Sheltie sire in the breed's history. The first edition of Maxwell Riddle's New Shetland Sheepdog, published in 1974, lists 42 Champions for Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM and 40 for Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM. Peter rapidly took the lead, and Ch Banchory High Born ROM moved into second place. But Bruce remained in third place for a number of years. He heads Line CHE Part IIc and is in Family 2 Part V.

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Producing Record of Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM

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33. Ch Malpsh Woodwind of Sea Isle (D) (ex Ch Malpsh Winter Wind 3-65)
34. Ch Meadow Ridge of Birch Hollow CD (B) (ex Ch Meadow Ridge Baby Jane 12-64)
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45. Ch Wickiup Topsy Turvy CDX (B) (ex Lingard Newly-Jo CDX 12-62)
46. Ch Win-Dee-Hil Bronze Satellite (D) (ex Ch Astolat Peggy of Faunbrook 2-65)

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